Where’s Your Brave Person?

“To escape fear, you have to go through it, not around it” – Richie Norton


Are you the type of person to overcome a challenge? Or do  you run for the hills when presented with one? Do you try, fail, then get back up and try again? Or do you not even try at all because of the fear of failure? If your fight or flight response is more leveled towards flight, fear not; I know how you feel. From pee-wee soccer, to dance classes and even when it came to relationships, quitting and running have been my go-to strategies since I was five years old. I overthink things, sometimes to the point where I can’t think at all. I’m also too cautious for my own good, and cautiousness is the ugly cousin of cowardliness. I recognized these problems but I never did anything to try and fix them. I was so afraid of failure, change and commitment that I was willing to believe I was okay with the bare minimum. It’s safe to say that fear has been ruining (and running) my life. Well not anymore! I’ve been trying to take more risks, embrace new things and I’m even in my first real relationship. It’s been truly terrifying at times but so incredibly rewarding.

I use to believe that feeling fear, anxiety or sadness meant that you were weak; but true weakness is letting those emotions overcome you, and letting them control you. Strength is understanding that these emotions are not only inevitable but important, because you can’t appreciate courageousness and happiness without those other feelings. Brave people aren’t strong because they have no fear, they’re strong because they don’t let it stop them. We all have that brave person inside of us, and it may take some digging but deep down they’re just waiting to be uncovered. My brave person still hides from time to time but I never stop looking for them. Please don’t stop looking for yours, no matter how long they’ve been hiding. You’re better than a bare minimum life.

Until next time,

The Greenest of Blues





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