“Writers aren’t exactly people, they’re a whole bunch of people trying to be one person” – F. Scott Fitzgerald


Welcome fellow bloggers to The Greenest of Blues, a blog I created for no good reason. I had created a blog when I was 15 to almost be a journal of some sorts. Now I have an actual journal with some entries I don’t feel necessary to share with the world (there are some secrets best kept). No, this is more of an outlet. We all wish to divulge some aspects of ourselves, the thoughts and ideals we don’t wish to post on Facebook, where Grandma can comment “XOXO” or your high school colleagues can like for the sake of liking. In this big bad world it’s easy to lose your voice in the crowd, to be silenced by a bigger, stronger voice; to feel like your voice doesn’t matter or wouldn’t help, even if it did. I’m not trying to lead you to believe I’ll be writing political pieces on corrupt politicians, or “A Guide to End World Hunger” but merely, my musings. Surely Edgar Allen Poe, Sylvia Plath or even Anne Frank didn’t think their writings would be significant to anyone, then or even now in the present, yet they continued to write. I have mulled over why I shouldn’t consider being a writer; listed the pros and cons, waged war on my dreams and reasoned with logic. I know it’s not the smart way to go and yet I’m drawn to it, like a moth to a flame. All my life I’ve chosen the hard way, not necessarily the road less traveled but the road with the wooden sign that read, “Most People that have Traveled this Path wish they Hadn’t”.  I’m stubborn but also insecure, which can be a living hell at times. I’m persistent in wanting to follow my many dreams but uncertain of my capability to do so. I’m hoping this blog can give me the confidence to pursue my passions, or at least give me sweet relief from my mundane, nine to five life.  I can’t make people read my blog, and I can’t make them like it either but that won’t stop me from writing. Just because someone doesn’t like chocolate cake, doesn’t mean you stop eating it, right?

Until next time,

The Greenest of Blues


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